Solving The iOS7 Battery Drain Issue

Since the much anticipated debut of iOS7 Apple users have overloaded servers in a massive rush of upgrading. Many have taken to social media expressing their surprise or dislike of the new system while more savvy users have praised the new direction and features of Apple's most sophisticated iOS yet. The most pressing concern for some users: iOS7 drains their iPhone battery.

The battery drain issue doesn't seem to be affecting all users, some have actually reported an improvement in battery performance! 

Knowing the settings which can cause the issue seems to be half the battle. One tip: the 'Background App Refresh' feature lets apps refresh their content in the background and Apple says that turning off this feature preserves battery life. Apps that use this feature include Google Maps, Apple's Stocks app, The Weather app, The Chive and Shazam. 

One way of saving battery life that has always worked is shutting down the apps running in the background. To do this in iOS7 simply double-click the home button, touch the app and swipe up. The retina display is the biggest drainer of battery life so always hit the top power button to shut this down when not in use or set the auto-lock to one minute. Doing a 'hard restart' (holding down the power and home buttons to cause a restart and reset,) does not shut down all apps as it did in iOS6 despite many blogs recommending this move. 

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